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To give you a better idea as to what to expect from an engagement.   The following table provides a quick guide.

KnowNow Cities Estimate Guide

Impact Assessment5 days+This will assess the current and to be smart city infrastructure and highlight stress points and confirm where work should be focused.
First BluePrint10 days+What are the things I need to build and where are they and what do they connect to? This defines those first steps
First Principles10 days+What type of Smart Place do you want? How will it be organised and managed?
First Roadmap 5 days+What do I build first and last? The roadmap articulates the steps to be taken.
New Roadmap Iterations1/2 day+Once the first roadmap is built it is possible to create new what if and new roadmap plans on an ad hoc basis.
Package for Procurement10 days+So what has been agreed to be built has been decided. Now what? This step will package the technology design for procurement. This will help pick the contractor(s) to deliver your smart place .
Table breaking down the estimated cost of a KnowNow Cities Engagement


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