Is your city smart?

KnowNow Cities have created this Typeform questionnaire to help places see how smart they are compared to the smart city themes.

KnowNow Smart City Questionnaire

The smart City themes are explained in more detail here.

The aim of this assessment is to:

  • Help benchmark different places based on a crowd sourced view of that place.
  • Help a place see what the people that live and work there think of that places degree of ‘smartness’.
  • Help inform that place of the next steps they may need to take on their journey to becoming smarter.
  • Create a broad view of many different places, based on  evidence from those that live, work and play in those places.

The results will be published periodically to see how places change over time.

Thank you for participating.

If you would like to know more about KnowNow Cities then please use the form below.