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KnowNow Cities Value Proposition

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What is so good about KnowNow Cities?

The reason KnowNow Cities are good is because we are technology agnostic, are independent and have the experience and background to understand what is a very complex subject.    What this means for a client is trusted advice, that is backed up by the teams in the field experience.    Continue reading

Why you need a Smart City Design

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You would not build a house with out a plan

The same applies to technology infrastructure for a place, campus, district or a city/region.   As things become ever more connected and the opportunities that can be gained from harnessing those connections are realised, their is unless carefully planned for many challenges.

It is these various challenges that create the need for a technology plan.

The challenges are various and some are constant, others come and go.  From the constant economic changes that a smart city needs to roll with, through to changing local political demands, and adapting to climate change.    Continue reading