KnowNow Cities Ecosystem

Here at KnowNow Cities we have many partners and associates that make a smart city happen. Smart Cities are collaborative by nature. As a result it is nigh on impossible to be an expert in every field of a city. Very few of us are architects, computer scientists, politicians, data activists and managers of operations. Smart Cities are really a collection of experts working towards a common agreed outcome. It is the sum of the parts that makes the smart city ecosystem work. What KnowNow does is bring this expertise together so as to create that smart city digital experience.

To that end KnowNow Cities has collaborated with these partners on projects that are smart city centric. The experience curated here is diverse,world class and in some respects unique. KnowNow can bring this experience to your smart city projects.

KnowNow Cities Ecosystem

Following organisations are members of the KnowNow Smart Cities Ecosystem. As we collaborate with other partners over time this will list will grow.

Smart City Organisations 
FutureCityCat logolabcities_logo_small
DigiCat Logo
Business Support Organisations
Biz South 2Invest South logo
Hants Chamber logoGreentechSouthLogoLandscapewithtaglineRGB_small
Academic Organisations
Ports UniSoton Uni
KnowNow Associates
OS LogiCordless logo
Vodafone logoBuro Happold
DynniqEthos logo
Chainels.comDigital Town

If you would like to work with KnowNow Cities and our ecosystem and partner community then please get in touch via the form below.